About Us

No Weak Days

We are No Weak Days.

Founded in 2015, the idea was birthed from the mind of Moses Israel. He imaged a brand that
would embody health and inspire people to become the best version of themselves. Moses has been a
personal trainer and motivator for over 6 years. His passion is helping people become who they see
themselves to be. On any given day you can find Moses hard at work at the gym helping people reach
their goals. He was motivated by his client’s stories and wanted to express them in a line of clothing. The
message is a constant reminder that not every day will be your best day but every day you can give it
your best. We all face challenges and unforeseen obstacles, but we can overcome them. Our challenges
do not define us, how we meet those challenges is what shows us who we really are inside.

Moses is an accomplished athlete with over 20 years of experience studying and training in
martial arts. He holds various black belts in different systems and still practices today. His passion does
not just lie with martial arts as he has over 10 years of body building under his belt as well. He rarely
competes although he has in the past. He prefers the lifestyle and not the spotlight. He balances work
life with accomplishing personal goals and inspires people every day.